Kelsey is an aspiring writer and connoisseur of fine DIY masterpieces. She played dress up with large, outdated 80's prom dresses as a little girl and loves any chance to wear a costume. She received her B.A. in English from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. This is a personal style, fashion advice, and beauty blog that Kelsey is using as a portfolio for her freelance writing. She collaborates with creative and talented photographers to help execute these artistic pursuits. 

There are several ongoing blog series:

- Can I do this DIY?

DIY is a huge market across the internet. It seems we'll try our hand at anything to either save money or create something really unique for ourselves or as gifts. But some things we find actually require expert skill level to craft. This series looks at various DIY fashion tutorials among online blogs or Pinterest, rates and reviews them based on a level of practicality and difficulty, with additional notes, advice and other commentary.

-How to Style Specific Items

Is there a item of clothing or accessory you want to build a look around? This series explores multiple ways of wearing the same thing, how to always achieve a different look.

Contact Kelsey at hharlequinfashion@gmail.com

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