Friday, March 20, 2015

How To Style Bold Printed Leggings part II

For the second part of the series on how to style bold printed leggings with two looks, I’m wearing what’s got to be one of the most amazing designs on a pair of leggings I’ve ever come across.

Let me pause for a moment and explain to everyone how I really believe I might have missed my calling in life as an art history major (although I majored in English, I did take two elective art classes which partly satisfied my obsession.) I love art. I love old art, I love modern art. I love almost every style of art in the textbooks. I think my most perfect date would be going to an art museum. I’ve always loved this painting from Gustav Klimt for its abstract romance – a couple encompassed by a vibrant art nouveau design, the male softly kissing the woman’s cheek, her graceful expression, the decadence of the gold leaf surrounding them – it is one of his more popular ones, after all.

Before I go further, I do feel I owe my readers full disclosure on the matter of how I came across these leggings. I was sincerely debating how I would answer someone if they asked me where I bought these leggings. Here’s the plain truth: I came across these leggings on an Etsy shop for a great deal (it was two for the price of one: the other leggings I bought from this source will be in the next post in this series.) They were shipped from China and that’s virtually all I knew at the time. I was so impressed with the quality and design of these leggings that I went back to order more because they had tons of different designs. When I went back, the Etsy shop was completely gone. Vanished. I did some research online months later and discovered I very unfortunately might have bought a duped or discontinued pair because these leggings might actually be from Black Milk, but are no longer around – here’s my evidence. There’s no tag on the inside of these leggings to indicate what company actually produced them, nor any evidence of a tag removal. Although I’m still unsure of what the whole deal is with these, I do feel I owe it to the manufacturers to link interested readers to a reliable source. After my experience though, I'm very reluctant to label one site or place as an official or reliable source, since I'm still not sure what the deal is. Since I've determined these leggings are no longer in production, the old pairs must be circulating in places like eBay or Amazon or what have you. A simple “Gustav Klimt The Kiss leggings” google search should result in some findings - I'll let you determine what's best. Now that that's out of the way, here's the looks I came up with!

Look One

For the first look, I went for a real party look. Black plain crop top to balance the leggings (the back of the top has a cute but simple strap design that is not pictured) and a hairstyle I can tell right now that I will frequently wear this coming summer. I call it the Grecian goddess hair. All you have to do is wear a headband hippie-style across your forehead and roll and tuck your hair in (it’s better when the hair slightly damp with some mousse, I learned quickly.) After wearing it all day, you’ll have some nice heat-free curly hair that evening. I forewent most accessories and opted for a long pair of earrings. I'm banking on people to know the painting and make this connection, but I totally picked out the gold wedges because it reminded me of the gold leaf around the painting. Alright, alright, I know, it's so minute, but it made me happy matching those items.

Look Two

The second look is ideal for cooler weather. Wanting to incorporate some other pattern instead of a solid color as I’ve been doing, I went for a thin gray striped sweater which was some awesome embroidery on the sleeves. I thought in this case with an intense graphic on the pant, stripes would be the only other visual design I could incorporate. I went straight for a flashy red pair of heels.

Stay tuned for the next and final look which is coming soon!

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