Monday, May 16, 2011

no morning is complete without a few felines

I have two 9 PM - 3 AM shifts back to back tonight and tomorrow. I'm trying to stock up on as much sleep as I possibly can procure before the graveyard shift before me. I slept in today, woke up in the strangest position as if I was protecting my pillows, tangled in sheets, my face deeply embedded in the warm fibers of blankets. I consulted the alarm clock before rolling out of bed - 10:17 AM. I feel proud of myself. I can't sleep in these days, not so recently after classes. Even though I was mildly awake, I got to dream and dream and dream.

this is Oliver, my 15 year old cat, who likes to sleep with me when I sleep in.

Hardly a fashion blog if I'm blogging in my pajamas, right? I assure you, I have too many looks to even begin. I would have made pictures my goal today if I didn't have an ugly scar under my eyebrow right now. Sigh.

I got some goodies for myself, partially rewarding myself for finishing classes (without having murdered anyone!) and for this blog. My mom and I had a little "date night", bonding over Carraba's for dinner and modeling outfits for each other (I convinced her to get an adorable dress/poncho combo!) last Friday evening. I feel spoiled, but usually I get rewarded for making A's, so I got an adorable romper from forever21 that I'll blog for everyone later.

My next post that I'm simultaneously developing is about the book club I mentioned - well, when I mentioned it, it was a reading partner situation that more people expressed interest in! I'm still plotting a strategy for bringing my dream into fruition, but I'll go over that in the next post.


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