Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time like a pulse.

I can hardly concentrate right now, which is not an ideal condition to blog. My eyes are gravitating erratically to inexact regions in the room, I've consumed far too many Sun chips than my diet should withstand, and am being fueled by caffeine. I feel a headache brewing. My instinct is static. Even a rerun of The Simpsons on the local channels has proven difficult to follow.

I had a study session with friends for our group presentation in British Literature II in which we have to analyze "The Blessed Damozel" by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. It's essentially about a girl who has died and is waiting for her lover to gain access into Heaven with her. As intriguing the poem is by questioning the typical idea of Heaven being a chaste realm (Rossetti implies they will make love when they are rejoined), the lull of tweeting birds and the cool weather on my back porch seemed to soothe all three of us.

"From the fixed place of Heaven she saw
Time like a pulse shake fierce
Through all the worlds. Her gaze still strove
Within the gulf to pierce
Its path; and now she spoke as when
The stars sang in their spheres."

I have a scheduled photoshoot tomorrow in which I'll finally be able to showcase the looks I've been creating lately. I'm hoping to attempt a fish tail braid tomorrow like so:

I thought the braid was far more complicated, but it's actually just a traditional, three piece braid but with tinier sections of hair. We'll see how that goes.

Summer is fast approaching. I'm going to compose my summer reading list perhaps Friday. I would love compile a book club. Let me know if anyone's interested in being reading buddies.


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  1. I'm interested in being on-line reading buddies.