Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wait for the Summer

shirt - thrifted, shorts - DIY cut off, belt - thrifted, jewelry - all over the place, but specifically: friendship bracelet - made personally for me!

Feeling very bohemian lately. I think this Yeasayer kick is what started it all (go look up "wait for the summer") I have a habit of finding new music to indulge in and listen to it on repeat.

I feel like I haven't been true to my real tastes in the latest posts. Typically I go for more complicated things like above.

One thing I'd like to note: do you see my friendship bracelet above? Those things are quite popular now. My friend made me one! Let me pick out the colors and everything. It's so reassuring to have something specially made for you and your tastes. I'm an etsy fiend normally because of this philosophy. Plus, buying a store bought friendship bracelet ruins the entire purpose of having one - they're supposed to be made by a friend, duh.

Not really feeling myself right about now, I've got a cold :( in the midst of summer too! I'm kind of brain dead right now.



  1. Very cool, hope u feel better soon! - Mikey

  2. I love your shorts!
    Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kiera Knightly? (Im assuming its you in the photos!!) :)