Monday, July 11, 2011

My Inner Child

top - Urban Outfitters, tank - hand-me-down, pants - thrifted, shoes - urban outfitters, belt & necklace - vintage, ring - gifted

Much like the title implies, this shoot was meant to release my inner child. I wanted to capture a childlike sense of wonder, innocence, and a playful spirit. These were taken at a Children's Muriel in a part of town I'm particularly fond of. I grew up around this area, so there's a double meaning for invoking the kid in me. Who doesn't enjoy balloons and butterflies? While typically I tend to flock towards the darker things, sometimes you need to learn to laugh at yourself. Reminds me of a quote, in paraphrase "blessed is the man who laughs at himself, for he shall be forever amused."

It is no secret I have a predilection for butterflies, which tends to clash with my consuming bug-phobia (which a quick consultation of google search has taught me this condition is called "entomophobia"), which somehow excludes them. My mom gave me this ring for my birthday.

Releasing your inner child is an understated virtue that rarely receives attention or value - have you ever studied and watched a child play? They're so creative. I once babysat a little girl while I was in high school, she was absolutely adorable. While babysitting, she wanted to play barbies with me. I felt so inadequate - in my time growing up, I had forgotten how to play with toys, while she quickly invented personalities, background history, scenarios, and situations so easily. I made the doll talk how I would, react how I would, think how I would, while she acted with ease. It was a little tragic to me, realizing how much time and maturity had changed me.

I like to listen to songs while I'm getting dressed for a photo shoot to help channel me into the moment, songs that inspire a look. The song I listened to for this look I think makes for a good accompaniment, you've been warned, it's a nice flash back. Listen here if you'd like, embedding was disabled :)

Side note: that balloon is still lurking around my house! these foil balloons take weeks to deflate! I'm so used to the rubber ones that pop so easily...



  1. these are great! Enjoyed the text as well, I can tell they come from the heart. Hope all is well my friend


  2. I found your blog through chictopia.
    I just fell in love with all these beautiful colors.
    Your shorts are just perfect!

    I hope we can be blogger friends.:)

  3. Awww gorgeous photos and I love the whole look too! you`ve got an amazing style and a blog! Following you now, hope you might follow me back:)