Wednesday, September 28, 2011

best find a surgeon, can't cut me open

Sequined tank top - Forever21 (old), velvet leggings - JCPenny, cardigan - Forever21, accessories - vintage, gifted, bag - hand-me-down, shoes - nine west

Don't mind me, naming my photoshoots after strange lyrics. Random fact: more than I choose the titles of these posts by lyrics, I choose the song for it's melody because it was something I listened to and channeled creative energy from for this look. I get inspiration from sounds for visual aesthetics.Yep. True facts.

I just really enjoy the color scheme of this look - we've got coffee browns, brownish grays, black, dark green, gold, bronze and all sorts of funky mediums like feathers, sequins, velvet and glitter. I'm a sucker for crazy fabrics and additions.

Ok ok so you can't really see the glitter as well as I had desired, but trust me, it's there. It's a very subtle glitter that isn't readily picked up, being a light color, but it's enough to make you look twice in person.

I've been giving more attention to my makeup and styling - underrated facets that can make or break a look in my opinion- and yeah, I would focus on this because, well, I used to be a makeup artist (mostly recreational) and I'm still one at heart. When I imagine a look in my head with the pieces I already own (most involved fantasy driven DESIRED pieces, I will admit) I think of styling that would compliment it, spice it up - and these days, I have some pretty wild ideas. What's presented in the pictures isn't nearly my cosmetic forte. I'm anticipating in the next few looks I'll really show off some of the makeup ideas I have in mind that hopefully you'll all enjoy.

Have a lovely week xx


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