Monday, October 17, 2011

We parted our lips and we reached from inside

Top- vintage, skirt - Urban Outfitters, boots - thrifted, jewelry - gifted

I can't tell if I should be called the nose, the legs, or Mrs. Robinson. Ten cookies for whoever understands that.

These sequined tights cost me the nylons I was wearing, oh well. It's so glitzy and glamorous. This was my mom's leopard print blouse from the 80's that we hacked the sleeves off of and took the seam in. I heart it dearly.

Nothing to super contribute today, this sleeping kitty on my lap is preventing me from typing anyways. So much for wearing black clothes before heading into work, they attract his white fur like a magnet.

I'm in the crunch time of the school year - so lazy, but everything I do at this point is important to my grade, just wish I could muster the time to a) care b) do the things I love.

Also I've been lovesick.


Enjoy the song this look is named after. It's a nice reflection of my current mood and state of mind.


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  1. Doctor Who!

    You look gorgeous. Love this shoot.