Monday, October 31, 2011

Black Swan

The moment I saw the trailer for Black Swan, I said, this is going to be my Halloween costume. Truly I just wanted an excuse to attempt the makeup.

I put this outfit together from mostly leftover things I've had over the years: the leotard was sewn together by my mother and I (originally for a Rocky Horror Picture Show costume... go figure.) thus why it's sparkle-y. The ballet shoes were as simple as black satin ribbon tied around bedroom slippers. Bam. DIY dream come true.

The makeup is not as hard to replicate as you may think.

I'm mostly doing this to enter both LookBook's and Chictopia's halloween costume contests!

Wanna help me out?

Vote for me :)

Also: HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! Go binge on candy and watch horror movies.


  1. whoever you use as your model, she's absolutely gorgeous

  2. Amazing outfit!! JS xx

  3. love your costume!! (: