Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Factory Girl

shirt/dress - thrifted

If you couldn't guess right now, or you don't have such exquisite tastes in 60's fashion, this entire look is inspired by Edie Sedgwick, the Factory Girl. I have yet to see the movie about her. Though it's on my list. Been on my list, really. She's a character, that Edie. Not one I'd particularly like to model my life after, but had such a unique sense of style that no one else could duplicate without copying. She had such definable traits: the makeup, the earrings, the hair. I only dream about being characterized by such a unique style one day. I'm still discovering it.

Someone once used told me the best analogy to date I've heard about being "inspired" by something using a music analogy. With a "cover" of a song, you have two options: one, you can recreate it in all likeness, or you can subtract its unique elements and use it to build your own version (yes please, get me to rant about music, like I don't already ramble enough!) Most the time I feel like I can only recreate something - being so enamored with an idea, I can't make it my own, so I really just copy it. It makes me sad. I wish I were more creative.

Having said that, though the look may be extreme, I really love the Sedgwick makeup style. It really enhances the eyes. It's time consuming and a headache to take off, but if it were up to me, I would wear this sort of makeup all the time. And Edie and I already share a mutual obsession with overly large earrings.

Random trivia time - I actually have worn this sort of makeup once before when a friend treated me to seeing an Andy Warhol exhibit (all of his Polaroids).

So I've used Audrey Hepburn and Edie Sedgwick in my looks now... Twiggy, you're next!


I have a week off for Thanksgiving break from classes. However, I doubt I'll be able to engage in any hobbies, as the worst holiday known to man is fast approaching... Black Friday.

If anyone's ever worked in retail for that holiday, or has common sense, they should understand. It is greed incarnate. The things we do in the name of the dollar sign. It frustrates me. I already battle my own intellect feeling I can be too materialistic at times (I was once a devotee of George Harrison and his "Living in the Material World" sermons. That's stuck with me and creates a conscience every time I go shopping. But that's all for another post for another time.) What I've told people and will reiterate my point again, the same thing you can buy at 2 AM you can buy at 2 PM. Yes, they might run out. But most companies get plenty of shipments before December 25th. Also, ordering online saves frustration. I've personally signed the petition going around to make companies give their employees Thanksgiving night off instead of working all night for Black Friday, which I myself have to do. I hate that each year Thanksgiving gets thrown under the bus as far as Christmas music and store decorations go - I guess we don't put enough emphasis on being thankful for what we already have instead of what we are about to have. Oops, I seemed to let Mr. Harrison speak for me there.



  1. I love the shirt and the fact that every piece is neutral except the shoes, which pop out and give the whole outfit finished look!

  2. me encanto tu estilooo...♥ ya tienes nueva seguidora aqui tambien...espero me puedas seguir en mi blog te invito a visitarlo.=)

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