Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Hiatus!

If you don't have keen observation skills, I'll fill you in. I haven't exactly blogged in a while, and it's safe to say I won't be for another few weeks. What with exams, work, and everything in between, I have very little time to breathe, much less do the things I love. I'm pretty stressed right about now, which puts yet another kink in my chain. And as a very last point, this is the season to spend time with friends and family, which trumps everything else!

However, have no fear, for when I return soon, and rest assured I will be back with vengeance, I have lots in mind for the blog. I have an entire to-do list set up in word document showcasing a detailed description of my future looks, my ideas for looks that need development, and my favorite bit, my intended future themes... Which I'll elaborate upon later :)

Ok and the biggest kicker of all to prove to everyone I have big things on my mind... I present to you.... MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO ME FROM ME:

That my dear friends, is a Canon Rebel XSi, a DSLR camera that will be my new pride and joy. I don't know if it's still considered a "Christmas present" even though I'm the one paying for it, but I've waited since childhood to have my own very nice quality camera. This was originally my sister's and she selling it to me for a steal. Hopefully along with it I'm getting a tripod, and alas! I will no longer have to rely upon finding random people to hassle and make them take pictures of the clothes I'm wearing.

I'm thinking of name it "Emerson". I just really like that name. And Emerson The Rebel sounds epic. (Have I mentioned previously my weird obsession with naming inanimate objects? My iPod is Biggles, my Mac is Abernathy... My old bass was Draven... My current car is Ringo... I'm sure there's millions of other strange objects I've named.)

If I don't speak to you soon, have a great holiday, if you're a student, GET OFF THE INTERNET AND STUDY, otherwise, I bid you adieu.


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