Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blackbird claw, raven wing

poncho - f21, jeans - DIY cut off, boots - some conventional shoe store I think. boot chains, vintage. jewelry - everywhere

Cha-chink, cha-chink, cha-chink. That's what my boots say when I walk. These Harley Davidson boot chains are pretty wicked, I feel like John Wayne or some classic cowboy walking into a saloon. All I need is the moonshine and I'm set.

And what a beautiful endless expanse of land - it's like inhaling infinity. So serene. So comforting.

Ponchos! It is simply impossible to be unhappy while in a poncho. (10 points to whoever gets that reference...I see you hovering over google bar.) This poncho has become my best friend this summer and I'm afraid I'm just going to have to keep it even in the winter. Come on, a winter poncho could work! No? Maybe?

Lastly, headband. I love those hippie headbands. However, cons of a head: they are not always wearer friendly or practical. I get Dumbo ears, my hair stands up, it's just no good. Also, they leave a funny halo around your forehead if they're too tight. Pros: they just look good, ok?


Life updates: I'm heading off to New Jersey next week to meet a friend I've met online (nobody freak out, we've known each other for well over a year and have shared in podcasts together.) We're going to see the premiere of Fright Night with David Tennant in it. We've been waiting for this movie from the moment we found out about it about a year: it is no secret that I am a David Tennant fan girl (from Doctor Who, mostly). It so happens my friend is a Christopher Mintz-Plasse fan girl. One movie containing both of our obsessions... This calls for a meet up. We both have a predilection for horror movies as well, so this was just one big dream come true with a cherry on top and wrapped in ribbon. I'm hoping to meet up with some other friends while I'm there.

Oh, and there's that thing called classes starting up this Monday for me as well. This will be a true test of character for me to discover how well I can balance community college classes and my fashion blog. I have faith. I have faith in my ideas.


Not exactly fashion related - but an interest of mine nonetheless!

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