Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I’ve been thinking about this one word a lot. I wanted to know if you could define your environment or mindset in one word, what would it be? It’s not necessarily that that one word defines you or your circumstances forever - what word synchronizes your thoughts and motives at this very moment?


When I think of this word, I think of that brief, beautiful moment of summer twilight that lasts for only a minute before night completely takes over from evening. I think of walking through an airport terminal and passing by gates whose destinations are places I’ve never heard of. I think of flipping pages back and forth comparing my place in a book with how many more pages there are until the end. I think of clothes that don’t fit me anymore.

I’m in a part of my life where the only knowledge I can rely on is that change is the only constant.

I begin every morning looking out the window as I open my curtains. I can just feel the cold emanating through the glass, see the ice crystals glittering in the lawn. It’s that part of the cold season where the day is never constant and I never quite know how to appropriately dress. The mornings are chilly and I feel the need to bring out my heaviest winter coat as I load up my bags to head to morning classes. By the time the sun fully emerges in the afternoon, the temperature is somewhere close to 70 degrees and I curse myself for over-dressing.

I let the whole month of October pass without any consideration to this blog due to far more important obligations, let’s be honest. I’ve been thinking a lot about transience and the movement of time, how it changes based on your own perspective. I’m approaching the end of my college journey and I think I’ve been swept over by nostalgia. When you get to the end of a journey, it’s normal to look back and think about what you would have done differently. I would be lying if I said the future didn’t scare me, but I take it that it’s a reassurance. I care enough and am motivated to always be considering what’s next.

In thinking about this photoshoot, which was obviously taken way back from the end of summer, I was reminded of another photoshoot I did a long time ago where I wore another poncho and a braided headband. I don’t get to wear ponchos that often, but I love that they constantly remind you of your movement; they emphasize your body language. At first, I was worried that this look was way too similar, but then reasoned to myself, who on earth would have remembered that shoot from over three years ago? In a sense, I think of this photoshoot as an homage to that old one. We are constantly reinventing and renewing our image. That’s the purpose of style; it's both evolutionary but reminiscent.

I am completely in love with these jeans from American Eagle. I honestly hadn’t shopped there before, but a friend introduced me to these jeans when I told her I was in desperate need of a new pair (the last pair I’d bought was nearly six years ago…!) This style is called the hi-rise jegging. I really benefit from high-waisted pants because my stomach is rather long and low rise to normal pants don’t always cut it. These are without a doubt the comfiest pair of jeans I own and they actually stay skinny which is an enormous plus. They paired perfectly well with my crop top floral bustier.

When I’m not carrying around a backpack everyday, I’ll try and figure out a way to pair a poncho with a winter top. I’m sure it can be done.

Next time, Harlequin goes full avant-garde. DIY tutorial to come! Be prepared. xx


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